Read 16 books in 30 days… A very late April wrap-up

Hello, fellow bookworms! Since the sun has been shining in good old England, I kept myself busy reading and writing on projects, so I’ve been neglecting you here for a little. I guess I also dreaded to do this wrap-up due to the sheer amount of books I’ve read in April. This also means that there’s a huge list of reviews that I need to write… *sigh*


So without more faffing, the list of 16 books I read in April:

– I read a total of 16 books… including 2 audiobooks, 6 ebooks, and 8 physical copies.
– I read a total of 4909 pages.
– Average month rating: 4 🌟

5 Star books:

4-5 stars books:

3-4 stars books:

2-3 stars books:

Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think? Also, do you like to my wrap-ups like this, or would you like some brief thoughts on the books I’ve read as well?

#NewReleases: books I’m excited for! (Spring 2018)

Hi guys! A little later that what I wanted, but wanted to talk about some of my most anticipated releases of Spring 2018. Some of them are book series – continuations and new – and standalone books. These books are going to make a serious dent in my pocket, but I will happily hand them my money because they’re all up my alley. I have added them in chronological order to make it easier and you can click on the title to find more information about them on Goodreads!


6 March 2018



 To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo, although at the time of writing this has been released, I haven’t yet grabbed a copy. I haven’t read a mermaid story in a very long time and this one sounds dark and twisted, so fingers crossed it’ll be good.



The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw is another dark fantasy about 3 witches who were drowned in the sea for witchery and now they return to possess the bodies of 3 girls to lure boys to their death. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?



The Witch’s Blood (The Witch’s Kiss #3) by Katharine Corr (Goodreads Author), Elizabeth Corr was one of my most anticipated novels of this year! I absolutely loved The witch’s kiss and The witch’s tears, so it was no surprise that I was really excited for the official release of The witch’s blood. TWB was an incredible emotional roller coaster – like the whole series, really – and really enjoyed reading it; thank you Harper Collins and the authors for sending me a copy early. 5 🌟

13 March 2018


OBSIDIO (The Illuminae Files #3) by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff  is one of my most anticipated book released of this spring. I devoured Illuminae and totally loved Gemina last week so I am super excited to read Obosidio. Also, the only book that I have pre-ordered, ever!



10 April 2018

Ace of Shades (The Shadow Game #1) by Amanda Foody. Sinful, dark fantasy story with criminals, gangs and a big mystery at the heart of it! It sounds divine and my friend Victoria tells me it’s really good, so can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

24 April 2018



Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young has been insanely raved and I am sold for another kick-ass female warrior fighting along with her clan until the day she spots the brother she thought was dead fighting with the enemy. Doesn’t it sound good? 32505753

Ash Princess (Ash Princess Trilogy #1) by Laura Sebastian. Royals? ✔️ Murder? ✔️ Strong, clever female protagonist? ✔️ Rebels? ✔️ Also, have you seen this drop dead gorgeous cover? I am so excited for this!

22 May 2018



Furyborn (Empirium #1) by Claire Legrand sounds a fantastic, dark fantasy novel with plenty of action, magic, and two kick-ass female characters. I have an ARC for it so I need to start reading it soon because it sounds AMAZING! The final cover is gorgeous!!!



LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff. I would read anything by Mister Jay, so I am so looking forward to this novel. I read the first bit of the synopsis because I want to be surprised when I read it, but so far I see robots, mind powers, and female protagonist! SOLD!

29 May 2018



Legendary (Caraval #2) by Stephanie Garber. I am so excited for Tella to have her own story. Although I enjoyed Caraval, I believe I will enjoy being with Tella more, she seemed a lot more fun; Scarlett was often annoying with her ideas that she was the better sister.

What are your most anticipated reads for this spring? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to check them out!




Maybe TBR ~ March edition

Hello bookworms! It is Friday today and I am looking forward to start getting some planning done this weekend in my bujo; as my husband says: prior planning prevents poor performance. The March Maybe TBR needs a little bit of planning to get it accomplished because I want to read some of the books ASAP because the movies are coming out. Do you do that? Read the books before the movie is out or you’re not bothered?



I will start with GEMINA because I already finished reading this one and I totally recommend it (but more in a book review or wrap-up). I read this in 3 days as it is pretty thick, but wanted to get to it prior to the release of OBSIDIO next week.

Last night I started reading RED SPARROW, again, because I want to watch the movie soon. I only read 30 pages so I do not have much of an opinion, so far it’s ok, but a little harder to read for me.

ARTEMIS I started reading in February but haven’t continued since because the above books happened. Same with SHADOWS OF THE SAVERNAKE that I started back in January; with this one I am almost half-way and enjoying it.


THE CRUEL PRINCE reading has to happen soon as it was the January Fairyloot book and everyone has read it, and I want to get to it so I can form an opinion on it for myself. The cover reveal for the sequel has happened and it looks amazing, doesn’t it? The release for it is in 2019. Fingers crossed that I’ll like Cruel Prince.

And last, but not least, THESE LIES THAT LIVE BETWEEN US which I have received for review consideration! Thank you Kai for sending this to me. I am looking forward to read it as it sounds super interesting… twins, forbidden magic, enemies… all the good stuff!

What are you planning to read this March? Any recommendations? Please let me know in the comment box below what you think of my list and if you are as excited as I am for the release of OBSIDIO!!!!

#AceofShades #Doves Book Tag

Kathryn from Nose Stuck in a Book did this book tag and I thought it would be a fun tag to do!

1. Ace of Shades takes place in the very mysterious, very dangerous City of Sin. Name a fictional city with a personality of its own!

The Londons in the Shades of Magic Trilogy. These worlds have a personality of their own… White London, Grey London, Red London…

234371562. The City of Sin is home to three ruthless gangs: the Irons, the Scarhands, and the Doves. Tell us about your favorite fictional criminal character/family/group!

The Six of Crows duology has, in my opinion, some of the best criminal characters. They run their business in Ketterdam and Kaz Brekker is THE criminal mastermind. He is clever, sassy and merciless. Love him!

3. Enne and Levi are about to be thrown into a deadly game… Name your favorite book in which the characters must play with, and for, their lives.

One of the recent reads where the characters had to play with their lives with potentially deadly consequences is Caraval. You never know what is real and what is not, or where the lines are drawn. Could also think of The Maze Runner as they literally had to run for their lives. Have you seen the latest movie instalment?

4. The Doves are a gang of assassins… What book you’d kill to have in your hands right now?

Right now? Obsidio by Amy Kaufmann and Jay Kristoff. I am not sure how I can pace myself until March!

5. The City of Sin is full of people with dark and complicated pasts. Name one book or book series you used to like, but don’t anymore.

Can’t really think of anything as I used to read classics in highschool, only recently started reading YA fantasy so quite difficult to say that with passage of time, I stopped liking certain books.

6. With complicated pasts abound, we can find many… burnt cinnamon rolls, so to Screenshot_20180131-205917.pngspeak. Name a character that has prickly and tough exterior, but is actually a sweetheart deep down!

I would go for Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy series. She always acts really tough as tried to be strong for Lissa, but often she is suffering on the inside. Going back to the Six of Crows, I’d add Kaz on this as well, because although he is a criminal mastermind, he does care about his crew!

7. Not only anti-heroes live in the Ace of Shades world! In New Reynes, one can find plenty of villains as well. Which bookish character do you just love to hate?

My favourite villain is and forever will be Harley Quinn from the comic books. Nobody will be on par with her! Ever!

8. You, much like our main character Enne’s mother, went missing in the City of Sin.IMG_20180119_172817_783.jpg The main character from the last book you read is the one looking for you… How screwed are you?

Not screwed as I’ll have have Merry and Leo from The Witch’s Kiss trilogy to kick ass and save the day! They would seriously turn the world upside down to either save me or kill me (depending on why they were looking for me).

I invite you to do this tag if you want. I’d love it if you’d let me know so I can see your answers! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!