#BookReview: How to steal a Highlander by Olivia Norem | A modern thief & A 16th Century Laird & A wicked curse

How To Steal Highlander Ebook COVER

I have been soooooo excited to receive an ARC of How to steal a Highlander by Olivia Norem ever since I read last year His Viking bride (which I want to re-read sometime soon!!) and I am so happy to have been given a copy by Olivia! As soon as I received it I devoured it in two days! TWO DAYS!

There’s something about Olivia’s writing that draws me in and doesn’t let go, and I love it, so needless to say, I am really excited to share with you guys how much I loved reading this book!

Big thank you! to Olivia for sending me this ARC!!!


“Katherine lands in Scotland to boost some relics before they are unveiled at a museum exhibit. But what she discovers is shocking — nothing in the experience of this notorious thief has prepared her to collide with a dark, rakish man wearing plaid — who happens to be trapped inside a mirror.”

Genre: Romance / Fantasy /Time-Travel
Year Of Publication: June 2018
Pages: E-book, 258 pages
My rating: 4.5 Stars



7a49d88faad5e2edd0d23d66e0a7eec9The main characters, Katharine and Simeon have an incredible chemistry and I liked being with them. Katharine is a strong female, with a unique set of skills and she proves this time and time again. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to go and get it. She is also very practical in the way in which she is aware of the effects her interaction with Simeon could pose on her lifestyle that she is not willing to give up. From the beginning, we get to know Katherine pretty well and have an understanding of what makes her Katherine; this is explored time and time again throughout. She has the space and ability to reflect on her situation and change course accordingly. She grows as a character and realises along the way that what she wants and what she needs might not be one and the same. I really liked how she was portrayed, with strengths and weaknesses that are so human without being falling into the usual tropes pit.

23722282._SY540_Simeon is a protector, a man from the 16th Century thrown into the modern, he struggles to understand these modern times, so it is understandable the reasoning behind his (sometimes) caveman-type behaviour towards Katharine. He struggles to understand that she is a woman that can protect herself. He struggles to understand how much times have changed since he has been imprisoned in the mirror and to adapt to change. He is a pretty straightforward guy, no bullshit if he needs something done he just gets on and does it. And along the way, his character unfolds and we get to learn more aboutimages (1) what he is capable of and his character’s depths. His identity, who he is now in the modern time, this was his biggest struggle, and it was so well written that I felt his journey. He is also very hot, just saying.

Some of the side characters that we meet have pretty good characterisation and you get the sense that their actions are in line with what their characters would do. They supported well the main characters and were not simply puppets in the main show.


The story has a good flow to it and I thought that the main plot engine and the romance engine married really well, moving the story along at a good pace and keeping this reader very, very invested. “One more chapter…” that was a real issue with me and this book because I struggled to call it a night. The first day I read until 1 AM because I was so hooked in!pnir2q0.gifTHE WRITING…

Olivia has real talent in writing characters that move you and I have noticed how much she grew as a writer from His Viking Bride (and I loved that book!) to How to steal a Highlander both in regards to her grasp of character building and style of writing.

If I would to say anything that I wasn’t that crazy about was how a few things concluded, but that’s just my personal taste. I also would’ve wanted to know a little bit more about the villain of the story, but again that’s me being picky!


Read it in two days! Loved it!


You can purchase it at:Steal A Highlander TWITTER PREORDER 99

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NEW! Cover Reveal and Paperback release: His Viking Bride by Olivia Norem.

His Viking Print ebook Front Cover PNG 240x360Hello my lovelies! I’ve got some great news from Olivia Norem! His Viking Bride is getting an update and will also be released on paperback on November the 15th; it will be available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk! How amazing is that?! There will also be an audiobook release next year in February narrated by Greg Patmore. Not that it’s related but my birthday is in February. 😂😂😂

If you haven’t read it yet, His Viking Bride is a historical romance which tells the story of headstrong Aestrid who finds herself in a precarious situation with the Viking Veileif after he rescues her from the Picts. And the rest is seduction, wit and passion. I read His Viking Bride in September 2017 and I rated it 4 out 5 stars in my review; for more information click here, but needless to say the story has captivated me and I really enjoyed Olivia’s style of writing. I am not usually a big fan of historical romance, however this worked so well for me and the fact that the main character is the complete opposite of a simpering half-wit was brilliant! You all know how much I love a bit of sass! Not to mention that Veileif was a total hunk. What’s not to love?!

What do you guys think of the new cover? I think it is absolutely gorgeous and these darker tones are a lot more eye-catching than the original. I am super excited as I’ll be getting a paperback version of this book. It will look so beautiful in my new bookshelves!

For more details follow www.olivianorem.com or you can follow Olivia on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads!

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His Viking Bride (Olivia Norem) is hot, hot, hot!

Goodreads image

If you are like me, enjoying a book with fierce female protagonist and romance that’ll melt your knickers, look no more, because His viking bride is it!

“A Twist of Fate… A Battle of Wills…

Aestrid Karisson, a Viking princess who lives by her own rules; fiercely free and independent – that is, whenever she can elude the watchful eyes of her overbearing father. When she escapes for an afternoon of adventure, she never suspected to forever alter her destiny.

Captured by a band of raiding Picts, Aestrid is adorned and bound for sacrifice. In the midst of their ritual of blood and fire, the Picts are ransacked by Veleif Kollsvein and his fearsome warriors. Reputed as the most brutal barbarian across all of the North Seas, Aestrid unwittingly trades one abductor for another. Journeying farther from her home across this unforgiving landscape; it isn’t until they reach Veleif’s stronghold that her true identity is discovered.” (Goodreads synopsis)

Warning: This book contains graphic adult content.

I have received this book for review consideration and this is my honest review – like always!


Aestrid is captured by the Pics who murdered her brother whilst they were out on an adventure, and she was kidnapped and taken for sacrifice. Aestrid is saved in the nick of tumblr_odv5z7oE2D1qk6zmeo7_400time by Veileif and his fellow warriors. They didn’t know who she was, and once they return to their stronghold, it is discovered that she is in fact the Princess of a powerful Viking leader with whom Veleif was enemy. His council suggests for them to marry to unite the kingdoms in order to bring peace and prosperity to both lands and that’s when things get heated, because Aestrid is not willing to lose her independence and wants to return home. You go girl!

the characters

Aestrid is a fun, headstrong character with a heart of gold. It was really fun to be in her character and whilst her actions seemed a bit childish at times, these were a reflection of her inexperience since she grew up in a more privileged environment. Her stubbornness was quite refreshing, but at times I found it a little bit irritating, as I would’ve liked to see her doing something else other than bite-mode, however this not detracted from my enjoyment of the story at all. I was proud of her that she was able to stick up for what she believed in, regardless of what Veilef and his men were thinking, and was putting the wellfare of his people on high regard, showing what a true caring soul she was. It was really endearing to see her camaraderie with Veileif’s men, and how she used her withs to win them over to do her bidding. Loved it!

Veileif is not only a hunk, but a good ruler, interested in ruling his people well, and proving for them. Initially his character annoyed me a little and I was wondering if I was ever going to like him as he was a bit of an ass towards Aestrid, however it is quite understandable given the time period when women were viewed as commodity rather than human beings, and you get to see his behaviour changing once he realises his shit does’t work with Aestrid. The plot forces both character to re-evaluate their outlook on what they want, whilst discovering themselves. Towards the end of the book I was actually siding with Veileif a little bit more as I could see how much he wanted it all to work, but wasn’t quite able to nail it with headstrong Aestrid.

the writing

The writing was good and supported both the characters and the plot to develop and sound genuine. Sometimes I felt though, as Aestrid could’ve reacted a little bit different, especially towards the end. The writing itself had a good flow and whilst reading you have a sense that the author really did do their homework in terms of the customs of the time period, and how these characters would’ve interacted and speaking in real life, with the caveat that I am no expert in viking history.

would i recomment it

Yes, I would. I thoroughly enjoy reading romance novels, and I definitely enjoyed reading this one; well written and entertaining!

I have it a 4 out of 5 stars as I  enjoyed it, although there were some parts where I thought it could’ve been handled differently, but overall a really good read.

4 out of 5

Please let me know in the comments down below if you have read this book, or if you haven’t if you would think of reading this books.

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