Attention! Attention! Calling all #WARCROSS fans!

Did all my shouting get your attention? Good, because you do not want to miss this! I was late on the WARCROSS love bandwagon which is kind of fortunate because it meant only a few months of torture until WILDCARD. We are now over a little over a week from the release date and I … Continue reading Attention! Attention! Calling all #WARCROSS fans!

The Mid-Year Book Freak-Out Tag – 2018 edition

This is the first time I've done this tag and I am super excited to see what the first half of 2018. I know it's not June anymore, but let's just pretend for a second, ok? So far I've read just over 90 books and I am very close to my goal of 100 books … Continue reading The Mid-Year Book Freak-Out Tag – 2018 edition